Sunday, April 17, 2011

Butt Ugly... And Pretentious to Boot

Remember that post I did about our new butt ugly courthouse a while back? I finally had a chance to get a picture of the side you can see with out breaking your neck.

You see, the street this mess faces is one way; going away from the front of the courthouse. Not that side is much better looking; basically it's a wall of glass and a flag pole.

Now here is the part that makes me wonder if this building wasn't put backwards on the site on purpose. Its the pretentious part.

Look at the first picture again. You see how it looks like there are two buildings here? one that is straight to the corner and another one that is a little cockeyed and a little shorter?

See, if this building had faced the one way street, nobody would have ever seen the back, and this useless bit of drivel.

Here is another shot, showing the building site:

The building is on the south end of the lot with parking to the north. you can also see the little building the big building ate in this shot if you look close.

So to sum up: we have an ugly building that should face south, but faces north on a one way street that heads north, that has a pretentious bit of tomfoolery that probably added a couple of million to the cost of this cow pie.

And here is the part that takes all the fun out of this joke; they paid for this pile of dung with my money.

And they will probably have to tear it down and replace it about the time its paid for.

Ain't an unresponsive government a wonderful thing?

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