Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yeah, It's Been One Of Those #@*&^% Months

Ever heard the old saying When everything you touch turns to #@*&, stop touching #@*&?

Absolutely NOTHING went right for the last two weeks. Everything I touched fell, apart, failed to work or blew up in my face.

The big project I am working on in the workshop? I almost had to scrap a big piece of it because I failed to make a crucial tool adjustment.

And there is my car. My '92 BMW has need some front end work, and I have been kind of putting it off, waiting for spring and the end of heating bills. I had another car to drive, so I just left it in the driveway. Well, then the motor went bad in my son's car and we needed the Bimmer back in the fleet. I priced parts and figured I could get it done for about $250, so I bought the parts.

Then came the day to install the new parts. Remember the title of this post?

Instead of buying a whole McPherson strut, i bought shocks that will rebuild the strut; cheaper that way, don't ya know?

Except my struts weren't rebuildable. Ste-riiike One! I had to buy the whole strut.

At twice the cost. and since the car is already in pieces, my options are limited. Then I got home with the parts and found out the struts are for a standard 325i; i have the Sport suspension; these struts won't work. Ste-riiike Two!

And guess what? The struts I need are twice as much as the ones I have, AND a special order; be here is 3-4 days.

Well, they finally came in. Driver's side was perfect. The Passenger side... was not. Struts like this are for one side of the car only; left or right, because of the way they are designed, a right won't fit on the left and vice-versa.

Apparently the strut I have for the passenger side was welded up wrong. The top was welded up for the left side, and the bottom was welded up for the right side. The spring fit on beautifully, and it bolted up to the spindle assembly fine, but when I went to bolt up the stabiliser links, the mounting bracket was toward the front of the car, instead of the back.

Ste-riike $(*&@%#$ing Three!

The replacement part will be here in a couple of days.

Until then, I ain't touching #@*&.

I will have a few beers though. Or at least try to.

Hopefully I can drink a beer or two without spilling most of it.

But at this point I have my doubts.

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