Saturday, September 4, 2010

Man v Car; Car Loses

I found this though Instapundit this morning, titled as "IN THE FUTURE, everyone will be George Costanza for 15 minutes". The link goes to Althouse, where I initially saw the article, but I liked Instapundits' title better.

You don't need to read the article; just look at the pictures.

You have to assume that the heroine (for lack of better word at this point) of the article selected the picture of her and her husband that appears in the article, right?

Would you have picked that shot, if it were you?

AND, she is upset that her 2008 Dodge Charger was totaled when this guy fell on it.

First; its only 2 years old and worth 14k. she can probabaly find another one on Craig's List in a couple of days. And she's had it; What? 2 years max? Plus, according to the article she already needs brakes front and rear that have cost her 'Hundreds of Dollars'.

Can you say LEMON!?!?!

Get a life woman.

And get a car you can really cry over when it gets totaled, get one like THIS.

A couple of small quibbles with video. That is a 1959 Oldsmobile; the 455 did not come out until the late Sixties. And the car they use for the interior shots is a late Sixties Buick Skylark.

Which is good; it means they didn't ruin an Oldsmobile.

Like GM did. But that fiasco is another post.

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