Friday, February 5, 2010

Visiting The Heros

A friend sent me this link in an email and I tested it immediately. But I am having trouble describing the experience. I don't want to say it was fun or enjoyable, but I could spend hours there.

This is basically a database of every kid who lost their lives in Vietnam. (Hey; I'm 50 now. Everybody younger than me is a kid. And get off my lawn.) I looked at my state of course, and the first town's name that was in my county. Bellevue is a fairly small community and had 3 names listed. The oldest was 23; youngest was 19.

Most of these heroes were young enough only to be able to be remembered by nieces and nephews. We all may know Uncle Frank died in a war, but do we know where he was buried? What hill or village was valuable enough to someone to cost him his life?

How can you define the cost of war better than a list of of it's dead? And how better to honor their memory than not only keeping their names alive, but also some details that otherwise would get lost in the mists of time, and maybe even forgotten by their families?

I've set this site as a favorite, and intend to spend a few minutes there every morning, remembering a few of the many that paid the ultimate price for my freedoms.

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