Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yesterday Was A Long, Busy Day

It started with breakfast with friends at 8:00; a softball tourney that started at 8:45 (our team played 5 games; I AHed (AH is when you don’t play the field, but still get bat- ain’t this country something?!?!) for the first four and played catcher in the last one). It was a family softball tourney, and all of the teams had to be family. For us it was my four brothers and 4 of my sons (my youngest was my pinch runner, after I pulled something in my groin beating out a short infield hit)

I guess I should do a little full disclosure. I am not the world’s greatest athlete. My batting average is probably about .150 lifetime, and if I am in the outfield I will miss and chase (slowly) more than I actually catch. So, I often wonder why my younger and more athletic brothers always ask me to play ball. I figure it’s one of two reasons; they need some comic relief on the field or Mom makes them ask me. A third reason is that they are desperate, but I doubt that. I’ve seen me play. Nobody is THAT desperate.

Luckily I think my sons have inherited their grandfather’s athletic acumen. The two oldest ones seem fairly competent (both of them hit home runs yesterday, as did two of my brothers), and I think the younger two might be trainable. My youngest brother wants to field a team of just us 5 brothers and my 5 sons. My youngest is only 14, so it will be 4 more years before he can join an organized team , and I am about ready to hang up my glove (for the third time) so I don’t know if that will work out or not. But I do think that would be cool.

But anyway, the last game of the 5 we played ran until about 5:00, and then I had a get together with some friends that broke up about 11:00. By the time I got into bed it had been an 18 hour day, and I felt every minute of it.

Then this morning, unlike the old days; where after a good night’s rest I am ready to do it again, today is like a lousy sequel to a bad movie. Everything hurts, including the little burn I got on my nose. I move like the Tin Man, before he was oiled. And I don’t think oil will help me. Since it is raining, my plans for today are shot anyway.

New Plan for today: 10 heating pads, some Advil, the recliner and a movie marathon. I just need to decide: Star Wars, Harry Potter or John Wayne Westerns? Or maybe something daring: John Wayne non- Westerns?

Yeah, I know the choices sound limited, but I have never been a big fan of things I don’t understand. And at least I understand these movies!

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