Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska

Have you watched any of Sarah Palin's Alaska?

I've watched the first two shows, and well, the show is decent. I’ve seen better, and I’ve seen worse. If you are a Palin lover, then you will probably enjoy it; a Palin hater, probably not so much.

You know that guy who shot up his TV because Bristol Palin was on Dancing With The Stars? I doubt he'd enjoy it.

I would love to find somebody who was a Palin agnostic to see what their opinion of the show is. But those folks are hard to find; everybody I know has very strong opinions one way or the other of Ms. Palin.

A lot of the political pundits are dissing it, and complaining that she appears too ‘folksy’, and nobody wants a ‘folksy’ president.

Ever hear of a fella by the name of Andrew Jackson? Or more recently, Bill Clinton? I think Reagan fits into that folksy mode as well. Just because the 1000 people inside the Washington Beltway are not happy with Palin’s folksyness, doesn’t mean the 250 million of us in flyover country aren’t.

In 1992 when Clinton was running for the first time, I liked the guy. Hated most of his policies, but thought I could enjoy a beer with the guy. If he would have run in '92 like he governed in '96 I might have voted for him. After the Lewinsky scandal broke I had no use for him at all.

But his common folks appeal meant alot in '92, and I think the Republicans have been looking for their own common man since then. George W. Bush was a stab at a common man, and except for the whole Washington insider, born rich parent's thing, he was a good try.

He was folksy, and, because of the whole Washington insider, born rich parent's thing, they were fairly sure he was controllable.

Which Sarah Palin is not.

Which is why they are scared. Murkowsky write in campaign scared.

The party insiders really weren't worried when she ran for governor in Alaska; they figured she could do no harm.

Then came John McCain and his need for a conservative street cred in 2008.

The party insiders really do understand that connecting with the common man and woman (a trite, but accurate phrase) is the key. Who was it who said about the 2010 election that "We need enough votes that they can't steal this one"?

That's their problem. When the people vote in large enough numbers that the ballot boxes found in the trunks of cars can't swing the vote the way the ruling class wants it to go (See Rand Paul; Primary and General election) then they are in trouble.

Which is another reason I am a Palin fan; she scares the hell of people like Mitch McConnell.

I think this show does exactly what it is intended to do; introduce us to Sarah Palin and her family on her own turf. I don’t know if it will change any opinions, but you never know.


I found this today through Instapundit; I just wonder how serious this editorial is?

In the article she says this:

Into this horror walks Sarah Palin, who is kind of a sexy librarian, kind of a MILF, kind of just crazy, and altogether does what she wants to do.

And that is the scary part, for some, of Sarah Palin; she does what she wants to do. She doesn't play the game. When she was McCain's VP choice she played by his rules; now she plays by hers.

And that has both sides of the aisle scared.

Because we LIKE her rules, not theirs.

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